• Struggle for poverty elimination through skill development and education.
  • To build capacity within the community so that they can help themselves to overcome their poverty. This organization will provide relief through education and technical training.
  • Work on betterment of children, young men/women and adults through education and skills.
  • To establishment local institutions in underprivileged community .
  • Provide preventive health care education to bring awareness of hygienic environment.
  • Arranging basic health care services and medicine for the communities.
  • Peace building among different nation.
    Struggle for basic human right of the oppressed communities.
  • To equip the farmer with latest agricultural reforms.
  • Women empowerment and child care.
  • To celebrate the national days and make people aware of the national patriotism.
  • Networking with other National & international organizations.
  • Medical aid in rural areas.